Me. Me. Me.


Hopefully you found this blog because you are interested in being a Respiratory Therapist. Maybe you are already a Respiratory Therapist and you are working late at night looking for something to fill the hours as you wait for the pager to buzz and freak you out! Wait - that's just how I spend my nights.

Perhaps, you have searched for a blog about being a Respiratory Therapy student. Luckily this blog keeps a record of my student life, because seriously the day I graduated I put all of that behind me and completely forgot all about it. Once I put on those stolen OR scrubs and discarded my red (very well worn) scrubs I turned into a preceptor, which means I have students to teach, instead of being a student!

I still find it in my heart to pass on my survival tips to the current students. Best tip? Put your effing phone away. There is nothing anyone hates more than a student texting or playing a game. Get your Egan's out and pretend to read it dammit.

Anyway, I eventually graduated and I applied for a few jobs. One job I applied for was at a local Home Care company. They full on rejected me, but offered a job to one of my classmates that I consider a complete idiot, thus tarnishing my opinion of the home care company forever. Instead I was hired by a local hospital. I am currently employed as a casual - which means that I don't have a schedule. I work when they call - sometimes they call a week in advance and sometimes they call at 5 AM. I usually miss those 5 AM calls - because I am, you know, sleeping. Weird. So I work in the ICU, general wards, ER, and also a long term care facility.  I'm still working out which area is my favorite.

As far as my personal life goes - I've recently moved into a real house and then I got married! yay! I have two cats. They are hilarious. I spend my days off watching them run around.

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