Monday, August 12, 2013

Return from the Abyss

UGH. How has this happened. I've seen the blogs out there that are full of entries .. at first. Then life happens. Full time job, full time family, full time havin the funs with the new paycheque. I think that's what happened to me and I 100% regret it.

Last time I wrote I was finishing up my training at the Children's Hospital. Which was fun and all. And it was super close to my house - like a 10 minute walk.

But then I was offered a full time job at my home hospital. So I took it. And said goodbye to the children's hospital.

So here's where things stand. I'm working full time at my home site in a position on the wards. I take care of acute BiPap (hello my best friend Respironics Vision) and am backup for the patients who are chronically ventilated. I also am support for the ICU therapists and frequently step in for patient transports and time consuming procedures. Lord knows ICU therapists need to keep their break schedule. I'm first to respond to codes on the floors and am 2nd on call for ER backup. Oh. I also assist with bronchs in the morning Monday - Friday.

Some days I love it.  Some days I don't. Still hear lots of excellent stuff out the mouth's of residents and others. And I absolutely love being a support to the new grads.

More to come.