Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Everything is kind of a bigger deal when it comes to pediatrics. I've been at the children's hospital for about a month now. The major thing I've learned is that kids crash fast. Last week I did a cap gas on a baby just out on the wards. When I came back from my lunch the kid was intubated in the ICU. I thought the kid looked fine. Seriously. Also you can do exhalation vibes on a pediatric patient with just one hand. And it covers their entire chest.

And. The best thing about pediatrics (and I may have mentioned this before and I will probably mention it again) is their little trachs. No inner cannulas. There is effectively no such thing as trach care on a ped. Bliss.

There is a huge focus on education at the hospital. A lot of these kids go home with trach's, NPAs, ventilators - you name it. So mom and dad (or foster parents a lot) have to be well versed on how to deal with all of these things. One of the best instances of this is the procedure in Emerg for a kid in anaphylactic shock. The first thing that happens is they are rushed into a trauma bay (usual procedure everywhere) but then they have mom or dad give the epinephrine via an epi pen... For practice.