Wednesday, May 30, 2012

"Corrected the RT mistake" and more notes from Nurse charting

I love nurses. I really do. They are amazing people who are capable of performing phenomenal tasks. Things that I could never do.

However. Sometimes....

We came on shift and a little guy was having some trouble with his chest tube. A little investigation revealed that the suction regulator had been turned down so much that no suction was being applied to the chest tube.
Because a nurse saw that the regulator was above -20 mmHG, and turned it down to that.

Well everyone knows that the wall regulator does not have any bearing on the actual amount of suction being applied to the patient - the chest tube system does that. Enough suction needs to be applied so that the suction is relayed onto the patient, after first being checked by the suction system.

Remember the three bottle system!

So it doesn't matter how high the wall regulator is - the tube system is supposed to be set to -20.

Thanks nurse for "correcting the RTs mistake."

Saturday, May 26, 2012

A New Chapter!

I have been notably absent from the world of blogging for what looks like about 3 months. That is insane and too long to be absent. Definitely too long to be absent and then still expect anyone to be reading anything I write.

So I consider this starting over from scratch.

About 3 weeks ago I decided to toss my application into the pile for a casual position at the local children's hospital. Unbelievably I was hired. So a few weeks ago I started my orientation. It started with a week long classroom orientation. As it turns out there's a lot of equipment used in the pediatric world that's not used out in the big adult world. Also because of the range of sizes and ages of the patients there is a wide range of devices to learn. It's actually excruciatingly overwhelming :)

Ok. So first I get hired. Then I spend a week in a classroom (underground - like most RT learning spaces). Now I have a 8 week (8!) orientation to all areas of the children's hospital.This includes PICU, Wards and Emerg. So all in all, it's the exact some areas that I work at at my adult site. Which definitely helps. I have a giant advantage over the brand new grads that are stumbling around there.

I finished my second day today. Nothing new or exciting to report. Except for the obvious. My new patients are incredibly cute and don't smell bad.

So far so good. Looking forward to new adventures and more scribing.