Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Casual RT

I had an extremely awkward 'one on one' conversation with the manager of our department the other day. The first thing that made it awkward was the fact that it was sprung on me with no notice. Maybe I am strange, but I am the kind of person that would like a bit of time to prepare for an annual review. Instead I was paged at noon and told it would be happening at 1 pm. OMG. Full panic mode sets in for me. Blergh. I am an employee. I have a manager. And he wants to talk to me. This is awful news! Or terrific! Or terrifying!

He asks what my plan is. I don't have a plan and don't have time to think up a lie about this. Unfortunately. So I am just honest. I'm truly not sure how it went. I shared. I probably over-shared.  I share that I would like to finish my bachelors degree, which is true, it is a goal I have for sometime in the future. And he suggests maybe getting the CRE (is that a Canadian thing? Certified Resp Educator) for some fictional future job I might have. And that's the other thing. He has questions about where I would like to work - not only in which department, but at which hospital. There's a new hospital opening soon and I have a feeling we're a little bit afraid of losing some staff.

The truth is I still like being casual. I don't want a line. That doesn't go over well in conversations about goals and long term employment.

To be continued. Obviously.

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