Thursday, November 10, 2011

Retro pay - Yeah baby!

I have FINALLY received my retro pay. Up here in Canada (in my province anyway) when we are hired we are paid 90% of the full rate of pay as Graduate RTs. We write the registry exam the first Monday in July. Then it takes about 6 weeks for them  to mark it.  Once the results come back we are to get full pay from the date we wrote the exam. Because we have magically become Registered RTs (overnight). This usually takes a few pay periods. Or if you are me, a few months. A few emails to payroll. Etc. Finally. Finally my retro pay has come in.

Thank god. Since I was away for the past entire month, it is totally awesome to have this on my paycheque this pay period.

I haven't been working much, which is sad for stories. I've been working about 2 shifts a week and resisting short call. I just cannot bring myself to answer the phone at 5am and get my butt ready for work. I've been keeping myself busy with some other stuff though. I have been babysitting a bit and doing a bunch of accounting work. Also Netflix and AppleTV are my nearly constant companions. Even though the Netflix selection in Canada is not near the selection in the States I still like it.

Also - I have recently stepped way outside of my comfort zone and tried hot yoga. I though that I was going to die - but here I am - so therefore I must have made it. Even though I sweated more than I thought imaginable and thought I was going to throw up. I need a lot more massages, and maybe a few visits to the chiropractor.

And finally. I have a major eye twitch. It started after my first shift back after holidays. You know the one where I was completely slammed in the emergency room? So now I am left to wonder.

  • Is my eye expressing the anxiety I experienced during that shift (maybe partially)
  • Have I been drinking too much coffee. (likely)
  • Have I been staring at a computer screen too much (possible)
  • Have I been doing too much filing (definite)
  • Do I need to go to bed earlier (doubtful)

Monday, November 7, 2011

How a Bad Day Starts

Having returned from vacation, and then a week of no shifts, I climbed into my car not even thinking about the state of the gas tank. The car is kind of a POS and the gas gauge does not work in any way - it always reads full without fail.

Anyway, I made it most of the way to work before the car started sputtering and cut out. It recovered long enough (who knows how) for me to pull into a parking lot, and died as it coasted into the parking spot. UGH. Luckily I had left myself plenty of time to get to work and luckily it wasn't too freezing cold. So I walked the rest of the way to work. I wasn't even late.

My first day back and I was in the emergency room. What an absolute nightmare. Multiple intubations, BiPap, PFTs!? (yes, we rarely do bedside spirometry but in the midst of the chaos the ER doctor insists on bedside spirometry for a patient that we have absolutely no baseline for). Epic. Then a doctor let my student put a nasal airway into an unconscious patient before we intubated. Massive nosebleed. Brilliant.

Today was my second day back and it was a coaster. I had one patient all day - a moderately high maintenance trach patient with an anoxic brain injury from an OD years ago. I passed him to the wards staff member before shift change and was able to pass on a clean slate - something I really enjoy.

Friday, November 4, 2011

Short Call

This gives new meaning to the phrase, "Short call."

By 11:30 I have pretty much given up on getting called into work for the day shift. Not today. Apparently someone called in sick and scheduling wasn't notified. At 11:30 they were calling for someone to come in and cover whatever they could.

But I was busy at Costco selecting delicious coffees. And cheeses. 

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Back At Last

I have returned to the land of Canada. It is cold and should start snowing any day now.

My first day back at work is this Sunday coming up, until that time I have a date with my couch and Netflix.