Monday, October 3, 2011

The Worst Night.

I got called in the other night to augment the ICU. I got called in the late afternoon and hadn't slept all day - which I thought would be fine because if there are 4 people on usually the breaks are a bit longer. And then you can actually get a sleep.

I know by now not to actually have any expectations like that. I arrived at work to find I had been switched to the floors. Ok. No problem.


I had so many people to see, I had one 30 minute break all night. The other person on the floors had approximately 2 people to see all night. She offered to help a few times throughout the night, but I had it under control, lots of stuff but only one at a time. Except for at 10 pm when I had two patients requiring trach care and two patients requiring cough assist all at the same time. I got through it.

Ok. So 6 am. I am exhausted, I have 2 sputum inductions to do, and 1 sleep study to download. She asks if there is anything she could do to help. So I say, yes - go ahead and do one of the sputum inductions. Her reply, "Uhhh, is there anything else I could do?" Seriously. What a bitch.

So my goal is to not be an RT like that ever. If someone is busy and you are not - help them. It's simple. And keeps other people from calling you a bitch.

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