Saturday, September 3, 2011

The grossest thing I have ever seen...

First a moral lesson. There are 2 very sick people in our ICU right now. One developed a Legionalla Pneumonia after going in a hot tub. As someone about to face a long cold winter, the thought of never going in a hot tub ever again is horrifying and sad. But I am definitely considering adding that to my list of DO NOT DO EVER's. This person is currently proned and oscillated. The second person (who this post is about) was wrestling with a buddy, broke some ribs, developed a pneumonia and now has multiple chest tubes, and well.. I don't want to ruin the surprise. So to summarize kids - do not go in the hot tub and do not wrestle.

Back to the grossest thing I have ever laid eyes on. Our friend in the ICU had a necrotizing pneumonia, which left some empty spaces in his lung, which then abscessed and collected large amounts of fluid. In the meantime he developed an infection of the pleural fluid which loculated into several separate specific areas. So the doctor thought it would be beneficial to have multiple chest tubes inserted under the guide of CT and Interventional Radiology. Chest tubes 1 and 2 went in without much trouble at all, and drained what appeared to be normal looking pleural fluid drainage - what we normally see in a chest tube. This is where things get truly fantastic. The Doctor was not wearing a mask, or goggles, or a gown. He inserts the last chest tube and a GUSH/EXPLOSION of grey, foul pus erupts out and all over him. I have truly never seen/smelled anything like it. Also. The Doctor was wearing fancy shoes. Fantastic.

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