Wednesday, June 8, 2011

An Actual Working RT

So. I have finally finished my orientation in Wards and also Emergency. So this means I can work on my own in these areas. This has happened only once so far - I was just happily helping my friend move when scheduling called to ask if I would be able to come in that night! I knew I wouldn't get much sleep that day, but I also know sometimes nights can be a bit slow and maybe I could grab a nap. Nope. I was kept busy running all night to various problems. The hospital I work at has a pediatrics wards (which isn't that common in my city because we have a children's hospital) and I had two asthmatic peds. I am totally unfamiliar with any policy and procedures here and that made the process a little uncomfortable. Add in a resident who knew absolutely nothing, and I was up there every 20 minutes. Also - I had to do an overnight oximetry on a Sr who wouldn't stop talking to me about her husband, and I couldn't get the sat probe to work - so I was there for a LONG time.

Other than that I have been busy orienting to other areas of the hospital. I am officially done all areas in the first week of July!

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