Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Life of a Casual

I was supposed to have one shift over two weeks - mostly due to my need to study for a very important registry exam that is one week away.

Two days before my shift they called to cancel it. Apparently someone cancelled their vacation - which is totally ok because that happens. So instead of sleeping all day in preparation for a night shift - we went to buy a new couch. This one.
Axis sofa - from Crate and Barrel
So after a long day of picking out couches. Who calls me but SCHEDULING. Wondering if I want to come in for a night shift - my original shift. So someone cancelled their vacation - then called in sick. I was so irritated and of course not prepared to go to work. So I spent the night sleeping awesomely in my own bed. Then I got called in for a 3-11 shift the following day - so everything evened out in the end.

Anyway. I have 6 days left of studying. So I'd better get at it. 

Monday, June 20, 2011

The Return of Red

So. I am not yet done my orientation to the hospital - and I had a student all weekend! How ridiculous. We had a good time though - me and my little student. I taught him how to do trach care. I remember how awkward and awful I was at that when I first started my practicum, and how I learned eventually that it is actually no big deal.

Today I orientated to a long term care facility and was pleasantly surprised. It's more like a family environment there, with long term vented patients hanging out and watching tv - or playing on their computer - or whatever the eff they want to do.

I've completed my wards orientation. All that remains is my ICU orientation! Almost done. Working is actually unbelievably exhausting, which is what is keeping me from writing. I don't know why, but at the end of every shift I can barely function. Also, I have the infamous registry exam hanging over my head. I really need to start studying for that! Oh to be a REAL RT.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

An Actual Working RT

So. I have finally finished my orientation in Wards and also Emergency. So this means I can work on my own in these areas. This has happened only once so far - I was just happily helping my friend move when scheduling called to ask if I would be able to come in that night! I knew I wouldn't get much sleep that day, but I also know sometimes nights can be a bit slow and maybe I could grab a nap. Nope. I was kept busy running all night to various problems. The hospital I work at has a pediatrics wards (which isn't that common in my city because we have a children's hospital) and I had two asthmatic peds. I am totally unfamiliar with any policy and procedures here and that made the process a little uncomfortable. Add in a resident who knew absolutely nothing, and I was up there every 20 minutes. Also - I had to do an overnight oximetry on a Sr who wouldn't stop talking to me about her husband, and I couldn't get the sat probe to work - so I was there for a LONG time.

Other than that I have been busy orienting to other areas of the hospital. I am officially done all areas in the first week of July!