Thursday, May 19, 2011

And she's back.

OMG. I have been so stupid busy. And I know everyone says that - but I actually mean it.

I moved. I started my new job. Nothing in our new house works. Well not nothing, but enough to make me mad. Every day.

So my new job. First I had a 6 day orientation that encompassed skills and computer programs. Most of my passwords work now. Kind of. I still can't run ABGs. No problem - not like that is an important part of the job or anything.

Since the classroom orientation I have had 2 shifts in wards. It has been awesome. I have done cap gases, and car seat tests, and some guy pulled out his trach, and we went to a code Blue but the patient was already dead. Also I bought new scrubs! And also got some free ones from the hospital.

I love it. I love my new job, I am so excited. I am also looking forward to things slowing down so that I can tell more stories here!

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