Tuesday, April 5, 2011

You haven't seen anything until....

A diabetic came into the ER. He was suicidal and had try to kill himself by taking too much insulin. It didn't work. As a rule, I don't think that is the quickest, most effective way to put an end to your suffering. Unless you would like some more suffering, in the form of hospital treatments. He was given tons of dextrose. He was mostly fine, albeit a little cranky and uncomfortable.

And oh yes. He cut off his own toes. Not all of them, just the second toe on each foot. Clean off. I'm guessing there must have been some infection or gangrene to those toes and got sick of looking at it. It was very bizarre and disturbing. For me. But at least he was protecting his airway. And I was still sick, so I went back to the break room and waited for something else to happen. It never did.

So now I'm into my home care rotation. I LOVE home care. I love visiting people in their homes, and seeing them in the office to fit them with a CPAP mask or help them with any other concerns they may have. I have three more days of that.

Then I have to get down to some serious studying for our final. There's a lot I've learned over the past 3 years that seems to escape me at precisely the moment that I could use it the most!

The thing that seems to have the most trouble sticking in my mind is Gas Laws. I am terrible at them, and get them wrong on every test. Every one.

I found this good resource for brushing up on them - Chemtutor Gas Laws. Enjoy :)


  1. I'm not sure if this will help you, but it helps me. I draw a triangle with P at the top and TV at the bottom in that order.

    1. Charles in Charge was a TV show (so it goes on the bottom of the triangle between the T and V.

    2. Lussac is to the Left (both begin with "L").

    3. Boyle is INDIRECTly right (because it's the only one with an indirect relationship).

    4. The angle opposite the law is the constant for that law (e.g. P is the angle opposite Charles' Law and it's the constant).

    Link to picture.

    Hope that helps! Good luck on your finals!

  2. I like it :) This is a great study help!!

  3. Oh great! One of my RC professors taught me that. I love it. If only there was something similar for LaPlace, Pouiselle, Bernoulli, etc. LOL!