Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Just another day.

I had a lovely weekend in the ICU. It wasn't too busy, which was nice because I am winding down (which is ridiculous and dumb - because I should be winding up).

At some point a lady in full renal failure needed to be intubated. I fully volunteered which was crazy and amazing. Unfortunately I accidentally stabbed myself in the eye with the ET tube. The end with the cuff. No one knows how it happened. And the tube went in the patient anyway - first try, great view. It was a total rush and I felt invincible. This is likely going to be the first and last time I ever intubate in an ICU, since the hospital I will be working at doesn't let RTs intubate. And then I tried an artline (which I couldn't get, and neither could anyone else) and I was glad to try because... the hospital I will be working at doesn't allow RTs to do artlines. Damn residents having all of the fun. BOO.

Then. we were called to a code. A patient that I had been watching deteriorate all day. Not to worry - the Dr had also been watching the patient deteriorate all day - it's not like I was being negligent. We did CPR for about 20 minutes. I got into a semi-argument with my preceptor about when to give breaths. Per ACLS, once an advanced airway is in place you are just to give breaths every 5-6 seconds. Per my preceptor every thirty seconds give 2 breaths. Even the Dr called him on it but it was still awkward and weird. And irritating.

One shift left tomorrow. One free shift ever. Ever.

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