Thursday, April 28, 2011

I have not disappeared.

You deserve to know how my last day in the hospital went.

First I was dealing with an intoxicated woman who I extubated in the morning. Second I was dealing with an intubated preemie. Not what I envisioned for the last day.

I was kept busy running between the NICU and ICU - and kept afloat with the promise I would be able to leave at 1.

Success - we extubated the baby. Now only to clean the vent and I wouldn't have to deal with that part of the hospital ever again. Ever tried pushing a Babylog down the hall? It's a little top heavy. I hit a bump and the vent did a faceplant. I was kind of in shock, said a few choice words, and then looked around to see who was watching. No one around. I struggled to get the vent back into a vertical position and survey the damage. It wasn't good. The entire front was smashed, and hanging a little off center. Eventually I worked up the nerve to push it downstairs and own up to the damage. Biomed says there is a 50% chance the vent will make a full recovery. I told them to take it off my pay.

Finally I stopped in to check on my extubated lady. She was not too impressed with me. I was just trying to encourage her to breathe deeply and cough, you know, to prevent being intubated again. Crazy me! Her response - "F*** you. You F**king B**ch. I am going to F**king kill you." Yikes. I looked at her restraints, they seemed to be in good shape. I looked at my watch - 1:05. I wished the nurse good luck and didn't look back.

So that was that. The end of my practicum year. Just like that.

We went to Hawaii for the weekend - which was fully amazing, and I want to live there. And now I am packing because I am moving.

Start date of work is May 9th. New adventures to be had! I plan on keeping the blog and updating it frequently. If I had adventures while fully supervised, just imagine how crazy it will be when they let me out on my own!

I will continue to be a Peon of Respiratory Therapy.

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