Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Just my bad luck

I'm ill. With just one month to go I have contracted what feels like strep throat. Last night it was so hard to swallow I thought I had epiglottitis and was about to take myself to the hospital to be intubated.

I'm finished my days at the Sleep Lab - which turned out to be an awesome time. Yesterday, I watched all the probes get put on, and then I followed a Dr around while he told people that they needed CPAP (worst job ever). The people who work there are fantastic and the time just flew by. However now I need to do my two nights - which I don't really understand. Why on earth would they have us do nights? The exact same thing happens during the day and during the night, except the daytime is busier. Hopefully my sickness makes me sleep all day :P

I have my home care rotation next week. That's right it starts on Monday, and the guy just emailed me yesterday (after I emailed him.. again) to inform me that the dress code is business casual. That is perfect! Because all I brought here this time were scrubs and fleece pants! Awesome! I know! I will go shopping with my extra money - with all the money I have made this year. UGH.


  • 2 Night Shifts at the Sleep lab
  • 4 Home Care Shifts
  • 1 Classroom Day
  • 1 Exam
  • 9 Hospital Shifts
That's really not that much. I think I'm going to make it!

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  1. Hope you feel better soon! The finish line is in sight and I'm SO excited for you!