Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Interviews and Jobs

So it is that time of year. Everyone in my class is madly submitting resumes and searching for jobs. There are multiple hospitals in the city, so everyone (well mostly everyone) is submitting a resume to every hospital. I am a little slow on the draw - I have only applied to one hospital. I hope they hire me. As you know, I have also applied to the home care company. and. good news - I have an interview with them! So we will see how that goes. 

Let me catch you up on my life.
  • Finished extra rotation at city hospital. This was a pretty good time and I am hopeful for a job. I saw a montgomery stent. Which was being held in with ties and almost fell out everytime the patient coughed. Also there was copious secretions and I threw up in my mouth. 
  • Had orientation at the Children's Hospital. I'm spending the next MONTH there. I am completely terrified. The staff there is tough. We have a competency book we need completed by the end of the year, and apparently it is so hard to get stuff signed off there. I am not looking forward to it. My first shift is tomorrow - an evening shift from 3pm to 11pm. Yay. At least I get to sleep in.
  • Debrief day. Today we had a debrief day at school. Once a month we get together with our classmates and review the assignment we have had to do the past little while. It can be a little repetitive. We had two guest speakers today. The first had some really good info on ventilating using pleural pressures as a guide. The second basically went through our ARDS notes that we had from last year. AGAIN. Same notes. AGAIN. Perfect. The day ended with cookies and pop. So at least it ended on a high note. 
Antics are sure to ensue at the Children's Hospital. Tomorrow's task - memorize all vital sign normals for all age groups. 

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