Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Welcome Back.

I am back at my regular practicum site. Today was my first day back after Christmas, although it was supposed to be yesterday but there was a problem with Greyhound Buses, Reliability and Snow.  It sounds like it was a good day to miss though, since they had a dead baby at a c-section. Today for the first time ever I saw a peritoneal lavage. A patient came in through EMS coding. They called it a code, but  really  no one had heard from this guy in 2 days, and then they found him down in his house. With his dog sleeping beside him. Saddest thing ever. Anyway, he was like 25 degrees, so they tried to warm him with first the Bair Hugger (a giant blanket with hot air circulating t/out, and when that didn't work they cut him open at the belly button and pumped warm water into him. That didn't work either.

In my absence from blogging land I did a job shadow with a local home care company in their CPAP clinic. I liked it alright. On Thursday I am doing another day with the same company, but instead in the home oxygen area. I really think I will like that a lot more, but honestly if the company offered me a job I would take it. No matter what area it was in.

You might be wondering what a day in the CPAP clinic was like. I arrived at 7:45 AM. Since I was 30 minutes EARLY, I played Sudoku on my phone in the car for 30 minutes. I went into the office. Everyone was expecting me and was super nice. I got a coffee. I asked some questions. I looked around a giant room filled with CPAP machines and masks and some minimal oxygen supplies in case of oxygen client walking in off the street. We saw a few clients. Mostly they come in with their CPAP machine, and we download the data off of the machine. We then encourage them to use it more. Then we try to sell them a new mask for $250 to $300. I really respect this company though - they have a closet full of donated CPAP machines that they are happy to give to someone without insurance or the money for a machine. I know I am not making it sound that exciting, but I actually had a really great day. The therapists have relationships with the patients, because they see some of them week after week. Also CPAP changes people's lives. I am not even joking.

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