Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Weekend from Hell

The idea now is that the student therapists are supposed to take on a full workload in the hospital. That would be fine if the ICU hadn't exploded over the weekend.

On Friday we had a patient who was perfectly fine out on Wards in the morning. By the afternoon the doctor was telling the family the patient would not live through the day - necrotizing fasciitis. TERRIFYING. I went home at the end of that day (3 hours late because it was so damn busy) and showered. Twice. And again in the morning. I have never felt so completely disgusting and crawling with bugs.

We had two back to back intubations. Like so back to back we didn't have time to re-fill the bucket of supplies. The manager called a stat meeting about nothing in the middle of all of this which was also exciting.

Over the course of the weekend I inserted 4 art lines! That was amazing! I am glad because it is probably the last time I will ever insert artlines - at the hospitals in the city I will be working in RTs rarely insert Artlines.

I have also started sending out resumes which is tortuous. I also have a migraine. Have to do a weekly discussion. Have to write a research paper. OMG.

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