Friday, January 21, 2011


I am not done sending out resumes. But I don't really know how to write a resume for a hospital. So far I have submitted a few resumes to home care companies. These places function more as offices - and I know how to write a resume for an office, so that wasn't too much of a stress. It was a bit of a stress though, since I really want a job. Because I am broke. RT school is long and expensive. Not as long or expensive as some other things I guess (MD for one).

I have yet to complete my hospital resumes. There are two hospitals I intend to apply for. One is the children's hospital. I would mediumly like to work at this hospital. Unfortunately I haven't even had my rotation at this hospital and since hiring is pretty much a popularity contest I don't stand much of a chance. I don't know if the school could work out more a system where they ask ahead of time if you would ever like to work at the children's hospital - and then try and schedule your rotation earlier in the year.  Anyway. I am starting my rotation in early February so will apply and hope for the best. Hopefully I will have lots of interesting things to write about that time.

The other hospital I am planning to apply for is a medium size hospital in my home city. I would only get a casual position (that is basically all the is available for any new RT these days). Next week I start a sort of mini rotation there, just to get some bigger city experience and also to get my shining face out there. I am not really looking forward to this - other than the fact I will get to be at home. I don't to be the new girl for two weeks, and then again for a month at sick kids. Ugh. And then after that I have 2 weeks at a home care company (in small city where my main hospital is) and 2 weeks at a PFT (pulmonary functions) Clinic.

My head is spinning. I kind of feel like it would be helpful if we got more advice from our school on how to properly apply for jobs at a hospital. You know.

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