Monday, January 24, 2011

Day 1: Bigger Hospital ICU

I had the same problem again at this hospital as last time - no security card - so I am constantly locked out of places. Also, it is big and I get lost. A new thing to get used to is computer charting (but since I don't have a computer login for this hospital I can't really do it anyway) since all we do at my home hospital is paper charting. At first it seemed like it would be a huge pain, but by lunch time I loved the idea of having all the electronic charting. It saves time! It is wonderful! I don't have a password so I don't have to do it! Yay!

One major thing that I have realized is that I finally have transferable skills. It's not that I just know my way around my hospital, I actually have Respiratory Therapy skills that I can use at different hospitals and different institutions. I may actually be hire-able.. Maybe. 

In the afternoon we took a patient to MRI. It was an actual nightmare. We made it to the hallway before the patient woke up. And then we had to go back to the ICU to get sedation. So then we were on our way to MRI again. We get downstairs and it takes an hour to get everything organized. The monitors aren't working. Nothing is working. Also the patient has bacterial meningitis. So the gowns and the gloves etc. We finally get the patient on the table. He de-sats, so I am bagging, and wearing ear protection, and sweating. They try to get the patient into the MRI. Hello obesity on the rise in Canada. He doesn't damn well fit. OMG. Repeat the above - in reverse. We finally get back to the unit. Guess what! He is no longer isolation! We wore all that shit for nothing! Yay! Total time - 2ish hours. Actual things accomplished - nothing. 

The day ended with a patient with a post op abdominal bleed. Very unstable. Code on. Code off. DIC. Bag, suction, bag, suction. I left before I saw the ultimate outcome, but I doubt very much that the patient will be there tomorrow. All hospitals are the same!!

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