Monday, December 6, 2010

More Adventures in ECGs

Ok. Apparently around Christmas-time things slow down a lot at the hospital. I have had more overly-personal conversations with people in the RT staff lounge in the past week, than in the past 6 months. There has been a lot of gossip also - I will never be able to look the ER unit clerk in the eye again.

I Have been waiting for one of my patients to die. I was so sure it would happen over the weekend that I wrote her code status right on her card (we track patients with cards that we pass back and forth during report. I'm not kidding), less some irritating good-doer would wander by and start CPR unwittingly.

Since I have nothing to do I volunteer to do most ECGs. The most recent hilarious one involved me trying to convince a delusional patient with a catheter in to "just let it go." Which was not successful - she complained the whole time. Then as I was just finishing up she let me know that she needed a coffee. She was still so drugged from surgery she couldn't even open her eyes.  I did what any good RT would do... I told her I would let her nurse know just as soon as I finished up.

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