Friday, December 24, 2010

Merry Christmas!!

So much for being back... Well I am back at my home for my Christmas holiday. Thus there is a huge lack of hospital related antics in my life.

The only moderately interesting thing is that I am considering pursuing a career in home care. This seems kind of absurd especially considering I haven't done my home care rotation yet and don't even know what it is like. I am doing a job shadow over my christmas holiday - so maybe I'll have some antics from that.

I have one semester left to go of the program and I am excited and nervous!

Anyway - sorry about the lack of ridiculousness - my life is boring.

Merry Christmas!!!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

I'm Back!!

So sorry for my long absence - a variety of factors (mainly exhaustion) contributed to my lack of desire to write something when I got home every night.

To catch up let me tell you about my most disturbing patients of the last week.

Patient 1 is a 13 month old female. For a few days she had massive diarrhea. This apparently caused a urinary tract infection - which her parents did not notice. She was urinating pus. They still did not notice. Good work asshole parents. By the time this little kid was brought into emergency she was basically dead. An RT was called over to collect a venous gas sample and while he was waiting for this he had a very bad feeling and grabbed the pediatric bagger. What ensued was a full code. The child went into cardiac arrest and compressions were performed and she was intubated. The doctor thought that she was so shut down and septic that once they began to give her fluids the toxins in her blood just circulated fully and caused major havoc in her body. She was airlifted a larger center - and I have no idea what happened to her. Some people should not have kids.

Patient 2 is a 35 year old alcoholic. She came in via a rural EMS unit and was direct admitted into our ICU. This patient was suffering from esophageal varices which was basically resulting in her bleeding out. It was the worst blood gas result I have ever seen. pH of 6.8, Bicarb of 5 and Lactate of 17. I am sure she will die. We were so sure that she would code that my preceptor and myself strategically placed waterproof gowns, faceshields and N95 masks near the room so we could protect ourselves quickly when the situation arose. I have never seen so much blood pouring from someone.

She didn't die on our shift anyway.

Monday, December 6, 2010

More Adventures in ECGs

Ok. Apparently around Christmas-time things slow down a lot at the hospital. I have had more overly-personal conversations with people in the RT staff lounge in the past week, than in the past 6 months. There has been a lot of gossip also - I will never be able to look the ER unit clerk in the eye again.

I Have been waiting for one of my patients to die. I was so sure it would happen over the weekend that I wrote her code status right on her card (we track patients with cards that we pass back and forth during report. I'm not kidding), less some irritating good-doer would wander by and start CPR unwittingly.

Since I have nothing to do I volunteer to do most ECGs. The most recent hilarious one involved me trying to convince a delusional patient with a catheter in to "just let it go." Which was not successful - she complained the whole time. Then as I was just finishing up she let me know that she needed a coffee. She was still so drugged from surgery she couldn't even open her eyes.  I did what any good RT would do... I told her I would let her nurse know just as soon as I finished up.

Friday, December 3, 2010

Adventures in ECGs

I am back on wards - this generally means boring times for. I volunteer to do all of the ECGs.

Today I volunteered do someone else's ECG. On a 92 year old lady.

First I had to pry her dentures out of her hands.

Then I had to peel her previously giant breast off of her chest to place the ECG leads.

Then I lost my ECG lead sticker under her previously giant breast.

The entire process took entirely longer than it should have.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I would just like to say that I think trachs are just fine. My previous post was in regards to trachs that I see in the hospital that are oozing grossness.

I know that there are many people who have trachs that are not gross and oozing disgustingness and are helping them to live a better life. So please no one with a trach take any offense to my previous post.

In other news. A new website has been brought to my attention. Full moon comics. This guy is drawing/writing up some comics with an RT flavor. It's a great idea :)