Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Toaster Strudels vs BLES

What do toaster strudels and BLES have in common. Not too much.

For those that are unsure BLES is the variant of artificial surfactant we use up here for premature baby lungs. We intubate and then squirt some BLES down the tube. It is honestly a miracle drug improving lung compliance literally overnight. 

And toaster strudels. Pillsbury's answer to the poptart (which in my opinion is bland, dry and gross). I bought a box and have been eating them as a treat on my days off. When they are in the toaster you can hear the oil popping and sizzling. Every time after I eat them I get sick to my stomach. But they are so damn delicious. 

Ok. That aside, I was thinking the other day, as I warmed the frozen icing from my strudel box that this was really good practice for me. BLES needs to be warmed from freezing in your hands before you squirt it down the baby's tube. Just like the icing. 

And there you go - I have tied it all together. I must have been really tired on the day I was thinking of that.

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