Friday, November 5, 2010

Smurf Lice

First things first. I have been rewarded for my incessant snarky-ness. (snarkiness? whatever). Please recall incident involving vacutainers. I did some research and printed some stuff out for the manager to peruse. They have since approached lab with the goal of changing protocol (based on what another hospital in Canada is doing) to using an ABG syringe when the lab pulls a venous gas for us to run. It only makes sense. Air filled tubes screw up O2, CO2 and therefore also pH. Lab is pissed. They say if that is what we want we should just do art pokes. I say screw lab - why don't they just train and certify us to do venous pokes and we will be more than happy to do them all the time. Seriously. Oh anyway - the point of that was that I was rewarded with a "Patient Safety Week" water bottle. Of my very own.

And then I got pissed off at lab again today when they insisted on having a 5 ml waste syringe drawn off of our artline before the blood filled their actual little test tubes. I had already drawn my art sample, and didn't do their waste syringe. It is totally unnecessary and totally dated policy. There is no need for a waste syringe with a VAMP system. We don't use them anymore. Neither should they.

This morning I extubated all on my own for the first time. Unfortunately the excitement was dampened by the fact I had to have every piece of PPE on possible. Mask. Gown. Hair thingy. Little booties. And of course the ever-present gloves. Yes - a query lice, query bedbugs room. OMG. I am still itchy. I swear to god I have lice and bedbugs now. Disgusting. They even had double sided tape all around the doorway to prevent creepy crawly things from exiting. By the end of the day the precaution was lifted, but I still feel disgusting.

The girls covering emergency called me down to see something "cool." What they thought was peripheral cyanosis though, was really just blue paint... On the hands and around the mouth. Weird. But you can't fake methemaglobinemia. Not like you can fake acrocyanosis anyway.

I love this website - I heart guts. Plush lungs make great baby gifts everyone.

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