Thursday, November 18, 2010

RSI meets its match.

I finally got my intubation signed off, as well as my LMA insertion. I wasn't too concerned about my LMA insertion -because who cares. Who ever uses those things except in the OR? Anyway, I decided to be pushy today and really ask for it to be signed off, because I didn't want to be all panicked tomorrow. First case this morning I asked my favorite anesthetist to sign it off and he did it! Granted it was a very smooth intubation. Nearly perfect.

Later in the day I asked another anesthetist if I could accompany her and she said yes, but I had better be quick because this one was an RSI intubation. I immediately told her I probably shouldn't be involved in this - but she laughed at me and said she was sure I would do just fine. So we went in, the patient was drugged, I put the laryngoscope in her mouth - and saw nothing. I started to panic but I've done this a few times now, landmarked and voila - a little lift and there were the cords! I put the tube in and that was that. I have never felt so amazing in my life. The anesthetist said she could tell when I finally got my view because my whole demeanour. That was a good end to my week in the OR - too bad I have to go back tomorrow.

Most idiotic things I have been asked in the operation room this week:

  • "Do you know what this is?" Question asked by RN who was trying to quiz me while pointing to the ... baby warmer. Uh yes. I know what that is. Awesome.
  • "Did you turn that on?" Question asked by anesthetist after realizing the sevo had been left on in the room. Uh no. I did not touch your anesthetic gas.
  • "Is there anyone around who can do this ECG" Yes - in fact it is the only thing I am good at. 

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  1. Oh, I'm sure you're good at more than ECGs, give yourself some credit! :-)