Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Intubate Intubate LMA

I did 2 successful intubations today and 1 LMA insertion. It was very strange, the anesthetist inserted the LMA fully inflated. The prior one I had worked with put it in deflated and then inflated it. It is so hard keeping track of all of these.

One girl that I intubated had very terrible teeth, I was so sure I was going to knock one of them out. Also, she had the highest pain tolerance ever. The Dr completely effed up the IV which went interstitial - and the girl didn't even blink. Sadly though, her entire arms were hacked up with obviously self-inflicted ones.
My second intubation was a bust. It should have been the easiest thing ever, big open mouth and perfect airway. The surgeon was hovering over me and telling me to remember this lady had children while I was intubating. I think he made me nervous. So I blew it.
The last one was a lady with no teeth. This made things excessively easy. Laryngoscope in - bam. Tube in - bam.  Bam bam.

I got to watch a pretty interesting thyroid lobectomy surgery. I watched this for a few reasons -

  • it is an interesting and disgusting surgery near the airway
  • it took a long time so I wasn't forced to do other boring OR things during this time
  • afterward we had to check and make sure the vocal cords were still working because they were so close to the laryngeal nerve. 
The downside was that I missed out on the inservice about the brand new ECG machines. Later in the day I got to use it anyway, and as it turns out it's not rocket science.

I am still working with the VERY annoyingly odd girl. Who is now getting married to her cheating bf, and maybe selling her puppy. Who pukes in the car. This came up in conversation, even though it didn't fit into the conversation. That being said, she is a very good teacher, and mostly patient. I have to remember that she is only 23. Which is bizarre. And weird. 

So. About the yoga. I have mastered one yoga move. I call it "Unconscious RT student laying on yoga mat."

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  1. Hopefully when (if?) I make it to the radiation oncology wards my day will be even half as exciting as yours!