Sunday, November 14, 2010

Back to the OR

I am back in the OR for a week starting tomorrow. I am not too impressed about it. I am now wishing I had just sucked it up back in July and got it over with. BLERG.

Also - my back is still SO sore from my super huge wipe-out. I am considering taking up yoga, which is something that has always made me internally rage (yes yoga makes me mad. I know it's weird - ok.)

I just finished working on a case study regarding COPD exacerbation. Now I am the one who is exacerbated. or is that exasperated. It took forever, and I find it a little frustrating to work 40+ hours a week (and by work I mean professionally volunteer) and still have to hand in assignments. When will I be making money!? When can I stop churning out these damn assignments.

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