Saturday, November 6, 2010

Airway TV

Just sharing this site I found by Smiths Medical. They have a variety of airway videos, that are generally pretty basic, but some are informative.

Also, my preceptor and myself fell victim to a false accusation which was kind of annoying. We were just entering the NICU, when (purely by coincidence) the oxygen blender on the transport isolette in their entry way started loudly alarming. We recognized that annoying screech immediately and tried to stop it as fast as we could. In the mean time, a nurse came over and informed us that a nurse in their unit suffers from MS and the sound really puts her over the edge. I'm really sorry for this lady and whatever medical problem she has.. but seriously - I don't like the sound of the blender alarm any more than the next person. And don't you think if we were going to intentionally make an alarm go off for a prolonged period of time, we would perhaps take the equipment out of the nursery!? I snapped at the nurse and tried to explain the situation. We were just innocent bystanders. What had happened is that they leave both the air and oxygen tanks on, and one had a leak. When it ran dry, then the alarm started. Actually pretty lucky.

My preceptor was performing an auger suction (a deep suction through the nose) on an awake patient in the ICU. The patient is having trouble clearing his secretions (and also badly wants cigarettes and a beer). We are really trying to keep him from being intubated again, and thus the deep suctioning. Also, as an added bonus, the patient was in a-fib when my preceptor started this suction, and the vagal response totally cardioverted him to a normal sinus rhythm. Good work.

Welcome daylight savings time (or I guess it is really good- bye daylight savings time) and hello extra hour of sleep. This is going to end badly - I am either going to be an hour late or early for work - I just know it.

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