Saturday, October 23, 2010


You know how I said everyone was dying? Only one person died today.

The old lady on the BiPap is still kicking. Literally. Man is she cranky. She hates that mask with a vengeance. Then we tried a smaller size and she could open her mouth wide enough to breathe around the mask. I have never been more happy to see 6:45 roll around.

A family was waiting for one more family member to show up to say goodbye before they discontinued care. Unfortunately he showed up 5 minutes after his dad passed away on his own. That was sad. A lot of tears in the ICU today. I find it ironic that the ICU is neighbors with Labour and Delivery. Sometimes families waiting for a patient to die are just mingling in the hallway with families who are waiting for the arrival of a new baby. So weird. Anyway - I was super glad to hear that the family decided not to proceed with a full code. They said their goodbyes and that was that. I was with that patient when he was intubated. Before he was sedated he asked the doctors to do everything they could. Things change.

We did some routine stuff - conscious sedations, ECGs in psychiatry (always a treat). We ordered vietnamese food for lunch. All in all a pretty good Saturday.

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