Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The ICU becomes routine.

I had the most interesting extubation today. This patient has obviously suffered extreme brain damage, even though his wife is certain he responds to her and knows what she is saying. Right. Well Mr. Flaily McFlailerson nearly bit through the tube before we had a chance to take it out. Then we barely had time to deflate the cuff before the guy practically self extubated. For the rest of the day he held his own but had to be sedated and restrained anyway. What a life this guy has ahead of him. He's a poster child for drug use gone wrong.

Then brain injury candidate #2 is breathing away at a rate of 50. All day. Because the doctor wants to do a neurological exam, so they have lifted the sedation. End result? CT Scan tomorrow morning and sedation and paralyzation for the rest of today Awesome. 82 year old vs stroke is my guess. Tomorrow will tell.

And of course... Shift change is coming in 10 minutes and we get called to the OR for a c-section. Awesome. Love the OR greens.

Wish I had something exciting to report.

I just was searching for a photo of the HT50 Transport vent which is the vent we use for internal transports and sometimes ground transports to different hospitals. I found this little web site of this kid who has congenital muscular dystrophy and her account of things in her life. Cute.

And last but not least...

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