Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fantastic Day

After suffering through 2 night shifts at the NICU I have been rewarded with a fantastic day shift. I can't really say what was so wonderful, can't put a finger on it, but the day flowed and I got to do tons of fun stuff.

I put CPAP on two little guys. I went to tons of deliveries. I played with a jet ventilator, and also the Drager Babylog in high frequency mode, which is something I didn't even know it did. Amazing.

Some lowlights include - another still birth and a baby with omphalocele. The omphalacele was actually very interesting to see, and in the end the baby is doing alright, all things considered. I provided it with free flow O2 from the bagger for more than an hour! Yay me!

And I found a really awesome picture that goes right here - but blogger is freaking out.

I saw some parents crying today, so that probably means palliative care for some little thing.

We have a baby in the NICU that was born with Idiopathic Infantile Artery Calcification, which is incredibly rare so interesting - but on the other hand usually means certain death. So that's sad too. It's so rare that I couldn't even find a wiki, so I had to settle for this weblink - wrong

And back to nights tonight.

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