Friday, October 22, 2010

Back at home.

Well on Thursday I started back at my home hospital. After 2 months of being a stranger in the hospital, without a security pass and without a clue about where I was going or who anyone was, it was quite the treat to be greeted with happiness and high fives upon my return. I felt like I had come home.

I'm in the ICU again, which is nice because previously I had more than my fill of time on the wards. This means that now I am mostly exempt from doing a billion ECGs every day. I get lots of practice with ventilators, and running blood gases. I enjoy it immensely because I feel like I am actually impacting someone's health. On the down side, everyone is dying.

Today I saw an RT put a non-rebreather mask on a flow meter that wasn't turned on. We figured it out when the sats hit the 40s. It reminded me of the time in the NICU when a little baby kept having brady after brady after brady. It turns out the oxygen tubing had been shut in the isolette door - effectively depriving him of any supplemental oxygen. Oops.

Also - I completely nailed 2 blood gases today, which was a boost for my confidence completely. I applied BiPap to a lady (who hated it and bitched about it the whole time). I don't know lady, what's worse - BiPap or Death.

I have a pile of days to go. Then a pile of days off. Hopefully the weekend goes smoothly!

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