Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Baby Day

Today somehow I was robbed of all the vents in ICU. Some guy is re-training in the ICU so they gave 2 vents to him. They gave me one vent and the one Nasal CPAP in the NICU (in this hospital whoever covers ICU also covers the NICU). At 7:15 AM we extubated the girl with the abscessed tonsil. At 11 AM the baby came off CPAP. Wow - a whole lot of inhalers for me to take care of.

We got called up to the floors to do a blood gas to assess for home oxygen - but by the time we got there the patient had been discharged? I guess they realized that he is already on home oxygen. Perfect.

And then we got called to dialysis to do an ABG and the poor little old man's PO2 was 40 mmHg. Yes 40. He was just sitting there talking to me plain as day.

Then because I was BORED. I ran all of the venous gases from the ER, and did some ECGs up on the floors.

I feel like I did nothing, but was busy all day.

Then the nursery exploded! I got to do 2 ECGs on newborns, 2 cap gases, attend 4 deliveries. What a day. Oh yes, all of the excitement started to happen at 5 pm. GAH.

And I feel like I was in a big hurry to give my pager away at the end of that shift. And now I am tired.

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  1. The guy probably lives around 40. You've done 2 more cap gases than I've ever done. The trend for a while was not to do cap gases, and now they're coming back.