Tuesday, September 7, 2010


So it's started again. Today I had my 8 hour orientation to the Level 2 nursery I'll be in for the next 3 weeks. I say three weeks, but really it amounts to all of 7 shifts.

I'm with one of my good school friends on this rotation so that helps a lot, but I still am not loving it. First I got to see the Arabella CPAP. Then I got to see a delivery, which I didn't even know I was attending, but then there I was in a gown cleaning off a slimy baby. I actually felt pretty bad, because had I known, I would have let my buddy go instead of me. He still hasn't seen a delivery! Good thing I re-memorized all of NRP (ha!) because in the afternoon we were subjected to several scenarios involving neonatal resuscitation. I have never intubated a baby dummy to suction for meconium so many times.

I saw the preceptor who made me feel like crap last year on one of my 4 hour rotations. I don't think she remembered me, but it is hard to say. It is just so different from the main hospital I am in, where everyone chats and is friendly. At this hospital, the students huddle at one end of the room and whisper, and the preceptors are at the other end - all whispering as well. Totally awesome. Also - I can't find anything. I didn't go to the bathroom all day, because I was too shy to ask where it was.

I found out that one of my other classmates has dropped out of the program. It wasn't too much of a shocker, but still kind of sad to hear someone leaving the program this far into it. This is the second of my classmates to leave the program during the practicum phase. Also, one of my fellow bloggers has also abandoned his RT dreams, with the plan of going back to his previous IT life.  I won't lie - I have contemplated it myself. I just imagine the money I could be making, instead of volunteering in a hospital for 12 months, and it is very tempting. Still, I think I just need to keep my head down and finish out this time. I might feel differently about everything when I'm not a student anymore. And when I'm not a student anymore, and not in the middle of all this, then I can make an educated and unbiased decision.

One of the worst things about this practicum year is the school component. It is never ending. Online discussions (which are more like research papers), classroom days, online quizzes, and always a big exam at the end. JUST LEAVE ME ALONE ALREADY. As an added bonus, between this semester and next I need to write a gagillion page research paper about "something interesting." Also, it needs to be presented to my "colleagues" (I'm pretty sure that they should only be called colleagues when we are all getting paid - otherwise, I am just the peon) in the form of a poster presentation. That's right, I need to cut things out, and glue them to a poster, and then present it. All kindergarten and like. I can hardly wait. It sounds exactly like my worst nightmare. I have until November to select a topic. If anyone knows of any "interesting" respiratory topics that could easily be converted into a thoughtful and engaging art project - please comment.

Fetal Circulation - Nobody's friend. 


  1. Hey there,

    Just discovered your blog this morning and have read the whole thing.
    I'm at the very beginning of my Respiratory course, first semester, and have found it to be a very honest and entertaining look at the process I'm starting... so much so that I'm going to start my own blog diary I think.

    Anyway, just wanted to say thanks :)

  2. Glad you liked it! When you start your blog, let me know - I'd love to have it in my links.