Monday, September 13, 2010

Babies Babies Everywhere

The babies are so cute. So cute that I have began to love humanity again. In fact one cute little black baby (is that politically correct? Maybe I should call it African Canadian.) Anyway. He has cute little black hair that gets all tight and curly when he gets all cleaned up. I wanted to put him in my pocket and steal him. They tend to get cranky when moved though, so I probably would have gotten totally busted. Oh well, no baby-stealing for me.

Lets back up. It's Saturday at 6:30 AM. I have just arrived to the hospital and am heading to Respiratory department. Oh right, it's Saturday, so all the whole department is effing locked up and I do not have a key card to get into anywhere. UGH. This did not help my whole hate of being up early in the morning and complete dread of starting at a new hospital. At all. Eventually some cleaning staff came by and I begged them to let me in to the department. 

I made it just in time for report. 

The staff was completely awesome to me. Well for most of the day. A therapist came on later in the day who made me nervous, made me feel like an idiot, and made my hands shake. So much that I completely screwed up transferring blood from a syringe to a cap gas tube and got blood everywhere. While she glared at me.
So that sucked. A lot. And after attending a days worth of deliveries she had me wrap up a baby (like a burrito!) and guess what!? I sucked at that too!

There is a baby in the unit with Tetralogy of Fallot. Which is a super crappy congenital heart defect. 
The baby was unremarkable as far as looks go. I wouldn't have picked it out as a heart defect baby. The sats were hovering around 85, and everyone was pretty happy with that. We had a bit of a quiet afternoon and we were able to do some research. My preceptor recommending a very good website for congenital heart defects. Nemours apparently is a heart center somewhere in the States - and it has some good info and I liked it a lot. Visual stuff is always helpful. And heart defects are always confusing - and hard to remember. Left to right, right to left. I don't know.

Also, I saw some opthamologists checking baby eyeballs for ROP. It was the most barbaric horrific thing I've ever seen, but apparently this hospital has amazing stats for ROP. 

Poor little button.

I also saw a little fellow with Prader Willi, and also... Asymmetrical Crying Facies. Seriously it was a crazy time. 

So that was day 1. On day 2 I was so much more confident. I was right in there at the deliveries cleaning the baby off, suctioning the mouth and nose, and filling out the paper work for the APGARS. It was much better and man - those babies are so cute. But the screaming that goes on in those rooms does not make me eager to start growing a baby anytime soon. And I was totally hormonal and cried at almost every delivery. Awesome. Good thing I was wearing a mask in some of them.

One little guy that I remember in particular was born with a pretty severe cleft palate. He was such a small little guy, and he was so mad, but when he settled down he was the cutest little boy I saw all weekend. Dad was pretty stunned I think, but took so many photos, and the staff couldn't keep their hands off this handsome devil. That was my favorite event of the whole weekend.

And then we watched About a Boy, and Ferris Buellers Day Off. And then they FINALLY let me go home early. 

The end. 

PS - Apparently Elvis had Asymmetric Crying Facies. FYI.

Favorite Movie of All Time

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