Monday, September 27, 2010

5 x 12 = 1 hour

I have a secret for making time go faster.

I divide up every hour into 5 minute increments. So each hour has 12 increments.

In a 12 hour shift there are 144 of these increments. I find that if I am counting down from 144, time seems to go much more quickly than if I am just counting down 12 hours. It's totally neurotic, totally in my head, and I totally would have gone mental today if I hadn't had this to fall back on.

Today I endured 8 hours of neonatal ventilation orientation. About every other machine was prefaced with "we don't use this anymore." So I wondered what the point was. Also, my security pass again does not work at this hospital. I'm left standing outside a door at the mercy of housekeepers or porters walking by.

Awesome. Just 3 more weeks.

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