Friday, August 13, 2010


We almost did not leave on the holiday. Last minute we were informed of the risks of flying to a high altitude if you suffer from epilepsy. The day before we were to depart I was told that i needed a letter signed by a doctor. I started bawling because that was not possible. Just not possible, but then they recanted and said I could sign a release of health on my own. Of course making my health insurance null and void as far as I can tell... Then Jen convinced them to let us go on a different trip. Last minute. Totally against every policy they have. And then we decided to risk it and travel as planned. 

As such, I have arrived in lovely Quito! At least it looked lovely in the dark, from the taxi cab. We had the easiest day of travel ever.

Toronto to Miami was slightly delayed, but no problems getting the bag and then rechecking through to Quito. Time to spare!

First impression of LAN airways.... Fantastic. They have a personal entertainment system, games, tv, movies, zou know - whatever.  Blankets and meals and wine oh my!

Still can not come close to beating the awesome service we received on westjet to Toronto - hello compd drinks. But I would definitely fly LAN again.

Our hotel is relatively nice. It was $80 per night compared to the average $6 to $10 all around us. I am still looking for the key to the safe. Wifi is included though, which is a nice perk. Also free breakfast, which is probably our favorite thing of life.

The worst part of the day was when the US customs man in Toronto made Jen cry.
Ativan was definitely the hero of the day, keeping me subdued on all flights and through all turbulence. Hurray!

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