Sunday, August 15, 2010

Off we go to the Amazon!

Yesterday we had a self guided tour of Quito. Self guided in that we were in a taxi and the hotel guy told him where to go. $17!

We saw the Virgin of Quito. Constructed by the same guy who made the Eiffel Tower.
(Picture not my own)

We also saw the San Francisco Church (Which is the oldest church in South America) and some other churches and museums. Then the altitude kicked the crap out of us, and we had a 3 hour nap!!

We met with the group last night and they seem like a fun bunch of people. 

Today we are off to the Papallacta Hot Springs where we will be sleeping in a cabin with a hot spring outside the front door. This sounds like my kind of holiday!!

Again, I have obviously stolen this photo, since I haven´t been there yet, but I hope this is where we are staying!!!


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