Tuesday, August 3, 2010


I love Life cereal. I have nearly eaten an entire box in one weekend.

Other than that, I have been home hanging out. We went to a couple BBQ's on the weekend, endured some torrential down pours. We painted the bedroom and the office, and I have full come to terms with the fact that I hate nothing more than painting. There is still furniture and belongings strewn all about the house and I have no motivation to put it away.

I had to go to school for unbearable "debrief" day today. In the morning we sit through a few lectures, and then in the afternoon today we had a special treat. We got to tour an OR in a hospital I won't work at and have 3 different people there lecture us. One station was arterial lines, another was about an anesthesia machine, and the last was about difficult airway equipment. I tried to stay positive, but it was really really boring. I don't learn well by just listening to someone yak about something. Also they use a different anesthesia machine than my home hospital, so that was all a little irrelevant as well. And no offense to the airway lady, but you don't get into your 3rd year of RT school without seeing an OPA or an LMA. This is not news.

I found out that one of my classmates has dropped out. This is surprising and sad. I can't imagine doing this much of the program and then changing your mind (not to say I haven't thought about it daily for the past 2 years).  On the other hand it is one less person to compete for a job with later. So that's good I guess.

Back to the ICU on Thursday. 3 shifts to go and then off to ECUADOR. OMG.

In closing here is an interesting article about being below average -  Get Smarter by Realizing You're Not That Great. I'm practicing this every day now.

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