Friday, August 6, 2010


I just got back from a lovely walk in a park made up of only wilderness.

I am now too tired to write about the 25 minute code, or the conscious sedation I attended on my own (much to the chagrin of my preceptor). There was also a NICU nurse who wanted to use nasal prongs at 1/4 lpm on a blender because the 100% oxygen was too much for the baby. Ever hear about entrainment? That kid was probably only getting 22 or 23% oxygen anyway. Yes, lets add the blender, then they for sure won't get above 21%. Why do his sats suck!? Or how about the CT visit where the CT tech dropped the transport vent on the patients head, and then dropped the oxygen tank on the ground, before nearly extubating the patient. It was truly awesome. No, I am too tired to go into it into very much detail at all.

Instead I am going to read in bed. 

So far I find this to be a very good and captivating book.

Tomorrow is my last shift and I will be the only student on. I really hope this does not translate into endless ECGs. I really should be exempt since I am in the ICU, but I am working with the string of RTs who really really love to "share their workload" with the students. Truthfully I love ECGs and I love even more the freedom that I am given when working with these therapists. I feel like they really trust me to not kill anyone. Which is a good feeling.

Then tomorrow night my tasks are as follows:

  •  Update blog with more details on stories mentioned above
  •  Update blog with anything exciting that happens tomorrow
  •  Pack
  •  Read
  •  Sleep

6 days until Ecuador. I am freaking out. 

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