Thursday, July 15, 2010

Where does the time go.

A week absence! What a slacker I am!

I finished my OR rotation with a bang - a lackluster bang that is. I failed all my intubations on Friday! I was with a different anesthetist who was so intimidating and I just couldn't get it and I almost broke someone's teeth. All in all I was ready to leave the OR. Pretty sick of stocking carts and maintaining someone's airway while they are electrocuted.

After a four day holiday back home - which I can already hardly recall (I think I bought some sandals for Ecuador) - I am back in the hospital! I am in the middle of a 4 day stretch. I am majorly feeling the effects of my yellow fever vaccination. It cannot help that I am eating terribly. My best efforts to eat lots of vegetables and fruits is failing very sadly. I can't break away from my chicken fingers habit. More like addiction. I love them. More than anything. I especially love them with Frank's hot sauce and ranch dressing. And they are so cheap. Damn cafeteria always enabling my addictions.

I tried to count up all the ECGs I have done so far and can't remember most of them, but somewhere in the hundreds I suspect. I have gotten quite proficient (knock on wood) at blood gases. Most importantly I have discovered the art of re-direction. If at first you don't succeed - try try again. There was one gas that I failed, then my preceptor failed and the lady was whining and whining about how we had to poke her 10 times, which was a total lie. Obviously there was only 2 pokes. And multiple re-directs. Silly patient.

Today we had a 25 year old code come in. He didn't make it. His girlfriend had committed suicide a few months earlier and this guy had been trying to join her ever since. Congratulations young man on achieving your goal.

Oh and here is a good one - a pediatrician couldn't tell if an ECG belonged to the mom or the newborn baby. Why not check out the heart rate. Oh the heart rate is 160? I wonder... could that be the mom's ECG or the baby's ecg.

I have a new room mate! She is lovely and so nice. She's a dietician student doing a practicum so we have that in common! She has had a bad run of luck since she moved in though. Her camera was stolen and she has been having to have all kinds of awkward conversations with security. Maintenance is coming in to do some cleaning on Friday and now we are both kind of paranoid. To add to things I am babysitting some fish, and this is a strictly no pets building - so I'm sure we're going to get into trouble for that.

In other unrelated shenanigans I have rented out our condo for the time we are in Ecuador. Instead of paying someone to watch the cats, we are now being paid by someone who will watch the cats. Best shenanigan ever - as long as they don't steal our stuff.

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