Monday, July 26, 2010

Sun Tans and Home Renos

Well this is getting redundant. We have one vent in the ICU right now, so we took part of the wards as well. Even then, the other student didn't have anything to do, so we gave half of the patients to her! I am trying to think of anything remarkable that happened... and I can't. Except for yesterday must have been full moon today. There were so many babies born!

We've been taking advantage of the AMAZING weather as much as possible and sitting outside. I know in the States this isn't maybe quite so exciting, but it seriously got really warm here like a week ago, and who knows when it will end. Summer is to be enjoyed and appreciated - if not worshipped. It's so hard to work a 12 hour shift, looking out the window, thinking of all the sun you are missing! This weekend, even though I was working, I got to see a lot of sun. We took as many breaks outside as possible, and I am getting quite a nice tan. We have to be careful not to spend too much time in the public eye, or people will complain that we are doing nothing. Even though we have nothing to do. So most of the time we spend our time locked away in a back room with a TV. Which is the reason that I've seen so many home renos shows. I've become inspired to buy a farm house, gut it and remake it from scratch :P I only have 7 more shifts until I am done for my summer break!

We spent a lot of time at work talking about my overwhelming fear of flying. Everyone agrees that Ativan is the way to go, and if I run out of that I should try Gravol. Less than 3 weeks to Ecuador and still need to get malaria pills.  I think Jen should learn some techniques to make me pass out if we hit turbulence - pressure on the neck or something?

I'm home for two days because I have an exam tomorrow. When will the school leave me alone! I am not in the least bit motivated to study. So unmotivated that I would rather do laundry, with our dryer that vents into the condo, in 30 degree heat.

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