Thursday, July 8, 2010


After an uneventful Wednesday I was ready for an exciting Thursday.

The most exciting thing that happened to me on Wednesday was getting yelled at by a bitchy RT who wanted to watch her movie in the break room - while she was working. I accidentally talked, and she snapped. No one was really impressed. She was apparently having a bad day because she was hungover, slept in and had to be called to come into work.

Over-sharer confided that she would like a small wedding. She has already told Matt that it should be at his house on the coast. Today she had some kind of injury and had to tell ever person we came into contact with. Every person.

Now for the exciting news... I didn't have to do ECTs today. I was actually busy doing other more fantastic things. One of the residents was not here today so I was able to join an anesthesiologist for most of the day in a case room. I successfully intubated two real humans (as opposed to that ridiculous manikin). The anesthesiologist just let me have at it. I was so nervous, and even more nervous because there was no stylet! I though that there was no way that would be happening anytime soon. It was really different identifying the anatomy in a real person - a few times I said I couldn't see anything, but when the anesthesiologist had a look she said it was a good view of the cords! I just needed to yank up a bit more on the laryngoscope. No teeth were broken and at the end of the day I had 2 intubations, and 2 LMA insertions under my belt. The anesthesiologist also let me go in and do my own airway assessment on the patients in pre-op. What a great day. Also no one yelled at me, which always helps.

I was able to trade away my OR shifts next week to a busier time. I'll be back in the OR in November - back to the wards for me next week. That's my calling in life - giving seniors ventolin. And also doing endless ECGs.

On the not hospital front - I have received my vaccinations for Yellow Fever and Typhoid. One step closer to Ecuador and can't believe I'll be there in a month! Yikes.

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