Saturday, July 17, 2010

Spinal Tap

We got called to a conscious sedation. It ended up being less of a sedation and more of a little boy vs versed. Nothing could make that kid pass out! They were attempting a spinal tap, and finally the little guy got drowsy enough that they could hold him still enough to get the sample. What a little trooper - it was my first spinal tap experience.

We arrive at the ER (ED - I know, I know) and no one was wearing any kind of protection. No masks, no gloves. My preceptor saw all the spinal tap stuff and set up and asked what they were testing. Oh, just for encephalitis or meningitis. No big deal. She promptly retrieved us each an N95 mask. Which I haven't been fit tested for, but honestly - being meningitis free is kind of over rated. Don't you think?

I'm done my stretch of 4 days. Nothing terribly exciting happened. No one yelled at me, no major traumas came in.  I mostly just medicated and monitored patients. I also stocked some cupboards and did some photocopying.

Back at it on Monday - but I FINALLY get to start in the ICU. Looking forward to some vents!

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