Friday, July 16, 2010

The other side.

Today I worked with an entirely different group of people. A group of people who did lots of work and kept me busy all day. It was quite novel compared to the usual group of people I work with. They usually rush up, do as little work as possible and rush back downstairs with the ultimate goal of sitting as long as possible. This is totally discouraging to me, since I didn't change my whole life and my career to be a professional TV watcher. I didn't realize how totally discouraging it was until today - when I actually kept busy most of the day, even though there are relatively few patients for us to see right now.

I wonder how this happens - that there are some people who are super diligent and provide amazing patient care, but there are also those who totally slack off. We should not be watching TV during the day - we should be brushing up on our skills. I guess I am new and will get jaded with time, but there are a lot of really great RTs out there, and a lot of mediocre ones.

First things first today I arrived on my bike (that my friend found in an alley - I am so broke) and got myself all changed into my reds. I went to put my hair up and my hair elastic snapped. Of course it did. The girl who yelled at me before for talking during her movie gave me a new one! She must forget about that day. I haven't.

There were a lot of routine assessments today - but my favorite was again conscious sedations. We had two today. The first was a 2.5 year old girl who had a huge gash in her foot that needed stitching up. They were from a dutch family, and the girl had none (NONE) of her vaccinations. So not only did she endure 10 stitches in her tiny foot, she also had to get tetanus immunoglobulin and tetanus immunization. The final immunization what was finally woke her from her ketamine induced afternoon nap. Ketamine freaks me out. I am used to the tremors that these little guys have now, and the constant drool we suction from their little mouths. I really love that they refer to the stitch as "taking a bite."

The second patient was a middle aged gentleman who tripped and fell. He put out his shoulder and the ER doc was already pushing the drugs when we arrived. Of course the patient started obstructing right away making me look like an incompetent RT student. He came to muttering something about the new automation procedures and his trip to London. Awesome.

I love the ER. It makes me wish I was in a bigger center where I would get to spend some time dedicated to the ER. Now whoever is on wards just covers the ER. In some ways this is good because I generally get to stop in the ER once a day if not more, but I want to see it all!

I realize that now the Emergency Room is actually referred to as the Emergency Department - because you know, it's not just a room. Just in case someone was confused about that.

It is my grandparents anniversary on Sunday (50 somethingeth). I called to ask if I could bring them some lunch on Sunday. They have requested Burger King.


  1. I'm very very very curious about where you are RT'ing it up as a student since I'm also a Canadian RT and us guys gotta stick together!

  2. Top secret info! :) Especially since I have now called half of my preceptors slackers. Which I clearly didn't do - I obviously just pointed out that there are different types of workers - and that is ok. Please let it be noted on the record that I love all my preceptors and think they are amazing RTs....