Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Learning Day

So there is officially nothing going on in the OR right now. Of 3 case rooms operating, only 2 are possible airway learning experiences. Unfortunately there is an Anesthesia resident, and a Family Medicine resident also learning in the OR right now, and they get priority. I spent the day sitting in an office, and intubating a dummy. I am more than slightly irritated at my practicum facilitator from school who has not answered my email or phone calls. My preceptors in the OR have suggested I tried to trade next week for another week later in the year, which I am trying to do, but can't since I am being ignored. I rarely complain, but they're going to hear about it this time.

I assisted with ECTs today. The Anesthesiologist corrected my grammar!?! Apparently I said, I was going to lie the bed down, instead of lay the bed down, or vice versa, I honestly can't remember. You know, since I was so focused on the patient who was being electrocuted.

Psychiatrist to patient, "Are you finding any improvement yet?"
Patient to psychiatrist, "Maybe a bit."

OMG - as someone who actually suffers from Epilepsy it still seems crazy to me that inducing them in the mentally ill would improve their quality of life, and also that if it is helping "maybe a bit" maybe it isn't worth 3 trips to the hospital for electricity induced seizures. Every week.  But whatever.

One preceptor (not the over-sharer) also bought me coffee today. I think this was inspired by 2 different things. Yesterday she sprayed me with blood from an umbilical cord, and has been traumatized since. She also feels sorry for me, since I sit in an office making labels for fun. For extra fun I also reconstituted some expired Dantrolene. Strange and orange. Speaking of - I am involved in a bit of an argument. Is increased petCO2 or increased HR the first sign of a malignant hyperthermia episode?

We learned and practiced all of the equipment from the difficult intubation cart today also. I loved the bonfils intubation fibrescope, which I mastered on the plastic dummy. Never on a human, don't worry. I also practiced with the huge bronchoscope, getting the hang of all the controls. Not a job for my mini hands, that's for sure. There is also the Storz CMAC Video Laryngoscope and the GlideScope Video Laryngoscope. There are so many things available for a difficult airway, I think the biggest problem would being familiar with all the devices. If you are a fan of the LMA you can choose from the classic,  Proseal, or Fastrach. My preceptor has suggested to me that if the Fastrach gets pulled out I should excuse myself for a long coffee break as it is sure to be a huge gong show.

As for my preceptor's personal life Matt has hurt his back, and was unable to go to work today. The puppy has bit someone and refused to pee in the rain. No one has time to take him to obedience school and they may have to get rid of him. Matt is unlikely to get into trouble while his back is injured. Stay tuned.

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