Monday, July 5, 2010

I have deemed the OR boring.

Jen came down for the weekend and we had a lovely peaceful time. Some may interpret peaceful as boring, but I really enjoyed it. Some events included a drive into the country, seeing a movie (Date Night), and eating multiple meals.

I started in the OR this morning. I'll spend the next 2 weeks in there, just observing the role of the RT in this particular hospital. In my opinion the role of the RT is not that awesome in the OR at the best of times. But right now more than half of the theaters are shut down for summer. This equals negative fun for a student.

Normally the RT stocks the anesthetic machines, and stocks anesthetic carts, and stocks needles, and stocks a lot of shit. Then the RT answers everyone questions about stocking things. Then we wipe some stuff down. Then MAYBE there is a c-section we can attend, but the NICU nurse takes the biggest role in baby care. Supposedly we get to do some intubations some time, but I haven't seen it. We are hardly in the room, we will get called if there is a problem, and otherwise we are busy stocking carts. Unless there is nothing going on, because they the stuff is not getting used off of the carts. So then there is really nothing to do. I hate it. I wrote a long letter of complaint to my practicum liaison. I miss wards. A lot.

Oh yes. Also we assist with ECTs. In case you don't know what that is - it's a draconian practice that I can't believe still exists. Basically it is electrocution to induce a seizure, used in psych patients. I guess it helps them or why would they keep doing it. At one point I had a room mate that underwent ECTs and for a week after she couldn't remember my name. I find it completely horrific, and am glad I will only have to see it for 2 weeks

At least my preceptor has a major problem with oversharing. This is awkward but adds an element of entertainment. For example today I said that I hoped I would have a better sleep tonight. She replied, "I hope I can, if Matt behaves." For the record, I have just met this preceptor today and I do not know who Matt is. I feign interest. She continues by telling me that Matt (her live-in BF) may have cheated on her on the weekend. To find out she needs to steal his cell phone and check the calls. For the record, she could have cheated on him multiple times, but has decided to take the high road. She then provided me with examples of these guys. I was surprised at the amount of detail she could provide. I then spent some time wondering  if a relationship in which one person has cheated, and the other thinks she has taken the high road by resisting, but still has someone on the line who she could call at any time is a really solid relationship. Maybe it's just time to call it quits. Just a thought.

After a few hours of practicing intubations on a dummy I got cut loose early, because there was absolutely nothing to do.

I thought since I am done early on OR days - 3 pm! I would love to make dinner and have actual nourishment, instead of something from the cafeteria. Instead I had a beer and some chips with tzatziki.


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