Saturday, June 5, 2010

What a difference a day can make!

Yesterday I was completely afraid to touch a trach, was not much interested in suctioning one, and definitely did not want to go poking around in there doing trach care. Well today I had no choice. I was definitely let loose on the wards, and was given half of the patients to see for myself. I was allowed to suction on my own - which although was a little gross, I can actually handle. I take an incredibly long time to get all set up, mostly because I am worried I will do something wrong. Which  I haven't seemed to do yet. I am not really allowed to do trach care on my own yet - just in case. 

Also on wards we came upon an unfortunate palliative care patient. The family is insisting the Sats stay high (who knows why?) and this sad lady is on 10 lpm via NP and 15 lpm non-rebreather. And is complaining of nose bleeds - I wonder why!

I am still on the ECG bandwagon - we do a lot of them. We went down to psych to do one today! Always an adventure. 

Blood gases update: I have now successfully completed 2 blood gases. I missed the first time on the lady today, but she was incredibly patient and let me go for it again. Success! Check out these ABG resutls:
pH 7.447, pCO2 65.9, pO2 77.7, HCO3 41.1.   Crazy things happening there!

Well I have 2 days off now, and am not quite sure what to do with myself! 

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