Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Here's the thing about 3rd year - the preceptors are going to make me or break me.

I am so lucky at my hospital all of the preceptors are incredibly nice. That being said there are definitely two different kind of preceptors at my hospital.

Preceptor type #1 - Initially helpful, but then uses  my newfound skills as a way to get out of doing stuff. IE - I am now good at ECGs, so I do all of them. I can run samples in the blood gas maching - "Will you do me a favor and do these." And so on and so forth. In this preceptor's defense, he is very good about instructing me and is very encouraging. Much in the way I would encourage someone who is making me dinner or something. You know? These preceptors are usually male.

Precepter type #2 - Full of instructions, I like to call these preceptors the "nurturers." They teach me the skill, and then they oversee and offer me support as I get comfortable doing it. I usually have to convince them that "yes, I do know how to do trach care already." These preceptors do not mind coming along when I go to do something, or having me tag along to just watch. Instead of sending me in solo.

I like both types of preceptors. The nurtures usually fill in and help me out when the males have sent me out and left me hanging. They typically offer to help me out when I have that terrified look on my face. I think both preceptors have their place and I'm not yet sure which I prefer - if I had to pick one or the other.

Interesting event of the day: Severely handicapped 17 y/o female pt needed to go for a CT scan. Brilliant idea was to sedate her, my preceptor suggested that maybe the mom could just stand with her, and keep her calm. No no, instead they tried for about 15 minutes to get a line into her in order to administer the sedative. After poking her about 6 times they then decided that the nurse could just pin her down while they tried to get as many good shots as possible. Genius. Because she wasn't agitated after stabbing her with a needle 6 times or anything.

Sad event of the day: After an entire day of monsoon-like rains, my dinner date and ride home completely bailed on me. I didn't even have bus fare on me, and wasn't in the mood for the bus anyway, given the monsoon. Luckily for me, good friend who leaves the car at my house in the night (lets just call her the car fairy) was available to taxi me home. Thank god. Monsoon. Did I mention the monsoon?

My future goat.

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