Sunday, June 20, 2010

New Design

I've been playing around with some different designs for the blog. I like this one, but I am worried that it might be a little too flashy. Like burn the retinas flashy.

So how about the job market. I've started obsessing about finding a job when I'm done. Already. Just a mere 10 months to go and I already am planning my life on a McDonald's salary... Would you like fries with that? What's funny is that one of my teachers at college always said if we didn't apply ourselves we would end up working fast food. What is unfortunate is that there isn't jobs for all of us. Is it wrong of me to hope some people in my class drop out? The fact is that the college lets in way more people than could ever get a job. Now there are some casual positions every year and there are always maternity positions, but I want a full time job. I would like to replace my previous accountant income with a new Respiratory Therapist income.

 I also want to make a difference. Please see Rick's post about making a difference.

Do I sound confused? I guess I should just focus on getting through my practicum year, and passing the registry exam. A lot can change in a year.

Another rousing week on wards coming up.

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